Wong (a favorite meme and 4th meme)== Wong Chang was born in Tokyo, Japan. As a child, he did many terrible things because of his midunderstanding. When he was 5 years old, his father, Wang, told him to wash his car. Wong put the hose on HIGH and the water shattered the windows. "Clean this up!" Wang yelled. Wong didn't know what to do. So, he set the car on fire. When Wong was 7 years old, he was told by Wang to take out the garbage to the garbage truck. Wong saw the garbage man walking behind the truck, putting garbage in. He threw 4 heavy bags of his garbage at the man. The man fell in the middle of the street. It was ended with a mercedes hitting the man. Wong grew up to be a Karate, Martial Arts,and Tae Kwon Do famous expert. He was almost Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan. Years later, he retired at 52 years old. He decided to be a Karate teacher. But that was a mistake. When he wanted to show somethng in episode 4, he explained it physically. "You idots sre not supposed to punch like this!" he said pulling a student next to him. Wong punched the student in the face. "You punch like this!" Wong punched the student in the stommach and kicked him to the floor. "Anyone want to volunteer for kicking lessons?" he asked. Wong is one of the funniest meme ClipboardStuios has created. He and Ali compete to be the most popular and funniest. But Wong might be funnier.