Mr. Clipboard (first meme).==

Mr. Arnold Gregley was 17 years old on his last day of High School. He was walking in the hallway, on his way to the graduation ceremony. There was a brown clipboard lying next to him when he was tying his shoes. A robber ran past Arnold, holding the school's money. The princibal was chasing him. Arnold picked up the clipboard and smacked the robber in the middle of the face. The princibal thanked Arnold as the police men ran towards the robber. Arnold thought that it felt good hitting someone with the clipboard. Then... A legend grew. 21 years later, Arnold was a teacher at a middle school. When his students would answer a question wrong or do something little and not a big deal, he would smack them with his clipboard. He had many battles with his arch-enemy, Mr. Staples. They were brothers. They used to always fight as children. When Mr. Staples' children did the same thing as Mr. Clipboard children, Mr. Staples would shoot staples at the student or staple the'r arms and lips. Arnold was the first meme and Staples was the first villain meme.Edit